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    I went to Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant with Alex and Jin Quan on last Thursday (24 May 2018). It is so much better than Ajiya

    It’s going to be my favourite okonomiyaki place in Singapore. 🙂 I’m definitely going back there again. :happy: 

    We kind of over-ordered. I think we ordered 2 okonomiyaki (pork and tom yum), 1 seafood teppanyaki set (for 2 people) and 1 monjayaki (chicken). All these amount of food for 3 people. :shocked: And it is still cheaper than going for the buffet option too. Haha.

    I also used my new Panasonic LX10 for this trip and here are the photos I took. Seriously though, the selfies taken using the camera is superb. The bokeh is amazing! Just think of iPhone portrait lighting mode but you do not need to hold it so far away and the bokeh effect is much better.

    Anyway, I don’t upload photos of myself online so here are the rest of the photos – mainly food cause it is a food trip after all. 😀

    I cooked the bottom okonomiyaki! The tom yum one. I’m a better chef than Alex. Well, this is probably the first time Alex cook something. :shocked: Jin Quan don’t even cook at all. Lol…

    Lesson learnt: Don’t go Seiwaa with people who can’t cook at all unless you want to cook the whole meal. Lololol.

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    I met Huiping and Renny (Huiping’s husband) for okonomiyaki back in late March this year. We went to Ajiya Okonomiyaki near Beauty World MRT.

    Then we had desserts at Beauty World shopping centre (I think that’s the name). I must say that the desserts are the best part of the gathering… The okonomiyaki isn’t as good as I thought it would be. I went to another okonomiyaki shop recently and whoa, it’s really good. I’m going to go there again. Will blog about it when the photos are up on my Instagram. 🙂

    Well, I find the okonomiyaki at Ajiya rather expensive. How it works is that you pick the key ingredients like pork, bacon, etc and they will add it to your order. However, the base ingredients are quite basic. Like cabbage and egg. For the price and the taste, I would not recommend anyone to go Ajiya. You are probably better off cooking it yourself at home or go to Seiwaa (which is the one that I am going to recommend).

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    Cryptocurrency is getting really hot these days… Not sure for the right or wrong reasons but literally everyone I know is asking me about it and some wants to get into the action (at trading or speculation). Not a healthy phenomenon but I guess I can contribute a little by sharing my knowledge on cryptocurrency and how to join in the action (also to be used as a blog post to reference when more people ask me about it since I am getting tired of answering the same questions again and again).

    So what do I need to get started? It just take 3 steps to get started. 😉 

    #1: First of all, you should set a budget. Well it is going to be an investment (a digital one) and you should set a budget on how much you can afford to lose. Like all high risk investments, you should not invest money that you cannot lose. You don’t want to burn your own fingers in the market after all.

    #2: Secondly, you need to open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. So using the budget you set at the first step, if your investment is less than 2 bitcoin in value, you can either open an account with Bithumb (Korean cryptocurrency exchange) or Binance (China cryptocurrency exchange) without the need to submit your passport photo or other identification for verification. You can just verify your account with a valid phone number and email address. Yes, that means you can have multiple accounts if you have multiple phone numbers and email addresses.

    If you are planning to invest more than 2 bitcoin in value, you will need to submit identification documents for verification.

    Binance is good since they only charge 0.1% for transaction fees. Bithumb charge 0.15% for transaction fees. However, they also charge 0.01 ether when you withdraw from your account. However, if you foresee yourself doing multiple transfers, then I would recommend you to use Gemini. Gemini charges a higher rate for transactions fees (maximum of 0.25%).

    Transactional fees

    Binance – 0.1%

    Bithumb – 0.15%

    Gemini – 0.25%

    (Do sign up for the accounts using my referral link for Binance and let me gain referral bonus!)

    In addition, Binance and Bithumb has a wider range of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer money into Bithumb unless you have a Korean domestic account. You can’t transfer actual money (USD) into Binance either so that leaves you the only option of Gemini. You can transfer USD into Gemini account and buy bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH). Then you can transfer either BTC or ETH into Binance/Bithumb account to do the actual trading. In the cryptocurrency world, BTC and ETH are like fiat money so you will definitely need 1 of them to buy other cryptocurrencies. ETH is required for ICO (Initial Coin Offering)/TGE (Token Generation Events) while BTC is like the USD in cryptocurrency world.

    Gemini only trade in BTC and ETH so for more action, you will need to transfer your BTC/ETH into Bithumb/Binance. I personally find the action more in Bithumb because Koreans are really into cryptocurrencies. So the swings between the highs and lows is more significant than in Binance and Gemini.

    Variety of cryptocurrencies

    Bithumb and Binance – Too many to choose from. Binance  always list the newest tokens though, as compared to Bithumb.

    Gemini: Only BTC and ETH.

    #3: Now that you have the account and the budget, it is time to determine when is a good time to buy the cryptocurrencies. Personally I use a mixture of apps like Cryptowatch, Blockfolio and Delta apps. I use all of them to decide if I want to take a long or short positions in any cryptocurrencies. Reading up on the latest cryptocurrency developments and security breaches and how they arise is important too. Fortunately, I am already in the security sector so doing all these readings are kind of my kind of thing (on top of Korean dramas, hahaha).

    Advantages of each app

    Cryptowatch – for MACD and Volume analysis

    Blockfolio – for the latest cryptocurrency news

    Delta – for the most up to date cryptocurrency price and covers many exchanges 

    It takes some creativity to find new ways to earn money in the cryptocurrency world as well. Do share some of your tips if you do. 🙂 

    And… that’s it! I hope you don’t lose money but if you do, be prepared that you might lose all of them. :blank: 

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    I finally finished blogging about my Japan trip back in June 2017. It’s my first time travelling in Japan, although it is not my first time landing in Japan. I took a transit flight in Narita Airport when I was flying to SFO back in 2015.

    I didn’t blog all the places we visited because I didn’t upload those photos. I also visited Uniqlo near the Ramen Town as well, and of course Sapporo too. Sadly, I didn’t really take much photos because I was really tired in the trip (I fell sick for 1 month after I came back from the trip too!) and my camera body was spoilt too. 🙁 

    This probably is my shortest compilation of an overseas trip. I promise to be more hardworking in future. Haha. 😀 

    Iwazamiza Town



    Other attractions

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    Okay, now that I have finished blogging about my Korea trip back in January 2016 (whoa, what a delay!). Here’s the list of blog posts for easy reference. 😀