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    Recently, I went to Botanic Gardens to explore. It’s an interesting experience as I have not really explore Botanic Gardens despite living in Singapore for so long. Well, I don’t really do touristy stuff in my own country. Haha.

    The original plan was to attend the sketching classes but I woke up late and missed the start by 20 mins. :sad: In the end, my friend and I can’t go for it as the group has already set off and we have no idea where they are…

    Despite it, I still manage to take quite a bit of photos of flowers with my Sony A6500 and my new Panasonic LX10. It’s a great experience to use both cameras to take photos and I’m wondering if I should bring both cameras and my macro lens when I go to South Korea this year. Hmm…

    Anyway, enjoy the photos… You will know which camera I use to take the photo based on the hashtag. :happy: Most of them are unfiltered… Shows how great Sony A6500 is… Hahaha. #ProudOwner


    Nice orchids captured by a compact camera. Okay, it’s not the usual compact but premium compact with 1-inch sensor. I still miss my camera with APS-C sensor. Guess you pay for the quality and how much you can achieve with the camera… ?Taken with Panasonic LX10.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??? #lihotography #adobe #lightroom #adobelightroom #macro #macrophotography #photography #flower #pink #orchids #orchid #gardenphotography #garden #panasonic #lumix #lx10 #panasoniclx10 #lumixlx10 #leica #botanicgardens #singapore

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    I really love it when my camera body and lens can produce such clear and beautiful contrast without any need for processing. Well, maybe cause I am lazy but wow, I am impressed by my skills and what my camera can do. ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL30M35.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??? #lihotography #nofilter #macro #macrophotography #photography #flower #white #flowers #gardenphotography #garden #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel30m35 #botanicgardens #singapore

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    Just look at those water droplets formed in the morning. Woke up earlier than usual to go Botanic Gardens and got such nice shots. :) ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL30M35.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??? #lihotography #nofilter #macro #macrophotography #photography #flower #pink #flowers #gardenphotography #garden #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel30m35 #botanicgardens #singapore

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    I’m slowly learning how to frame my shots and choosing the right background. It’s a pretty orchid with a nice background. Sadly, my focusing could have been better. Such as not focusing on the bud but on the pink parts of the flower instead. ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL30M35.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??? #lihotography #nofilter #macro #macrophotography #photography #flower #pink #white #gardenphotography #garden #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel30m35 #botanicgardens #singapore

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    I took some photos of the swans on the swan lake and to make things more interesting, I actually form a storyline for them. Read the captions of the following photos in order to understand it. :smile:

    Spotted these near Swan Lake too…

    It’s a pleasant surprise to see my favourite giraffes too… Not real ones but just the sculpture…

    My trip ended off with a simple lunch at a hawker centre… Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect to go there but oh well, I’m hungry and too tired to suggest any other places…

    So here’s the end of my Botanic Gardens trip. I also went to NUS Faculty of Law to rest in the middle of the trip. I don’t think I will want to explore Botanic Gardens in such in-depth level again. it’s really very tiring. :yawn: Nevertheless, it was a good trip but I won’t do it again…

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    Finally another meetup with Randumps. So glad that I managed to meet them even when everyone is busy working and most are busy dating. 

    We went Ramen Champion for dinner before heading for some darts game. It’s my first time playing darts and as expected, my aiming really sucks. There are several times when the darts went out of the board. :stressed: 

    I definitely need more practice in playing darts… :happy:

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    One of my ex-colleagues from Autodesk, Mubashir, came to Singapore for his business trip (he’s from India, by the way). I have always worked with him over phone or Skype and it’s interesting to actually meet him face to face for the first time.

    It was kind of funny because I only realised that I won’t be able to recognise him at the time when we are meeting. Yeah the realisation is slow. I know I can’t really recognise him and he may not know his way that well. So I decided to meet at the nearest train station of the hotel where he was staying. Turns out that it wasn’t such a wise choice because the train station is crowded. It’s not as crowded as the usual since we met on a weekday. Nevertheless, that moment when I realised I don’t have his photo on Whatsapp and have to go to his Linkedin to see his photo so that I can recognise him is pretty funny for myself.

    Anyway, he looked different from the profile photos on the office Skype (when I was still working at Autodesk). Well, people do change. After all, he is already married with a kid ever since 2014 when we first started working in the same team.

    As a host, I recommended him to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant since he mentioned that he wanted to try Chinese food.

    Well, I love food from Crystal Jade but never tried the chili crab xiao long bao personally. Well, it’s awesome! Would I order it again? Definitely yes!

    Knowing the type of Chinese food that my Indian friends like, I recommended him to try the Kungbao Ji Ding (basically spicy chicken with cashew nuts). This is the fried chicken version which I have not seen before…