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    I was thinking of posting on Altosome but realised that the blog post got a bit personal and thought it might be better to post it here instead. 

    Looking back at what I have done since last July (July 2017) till now…

    Firstly, I started reading up on cryptocurrencies and the craze around it. I went for the NUS Summer School programme on Cryptocurrency and got an in-depth understanding about it from Assistant Prof Prateek Saxena.

    Then I went on to explore the wonders of Machine Learning. That include both statistical classifiers and neural networks. Not to forget the unsupervised classifiers too! 

    On the academic research side, I started my own research in the field of Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning techniques. Yeah, it is a marriage of Intrusion Detection and Machine Learning. Perhaps it is more of an arranged marriage between 2 popular fields in tech space rather than a love marriage. Haha. 

    Other than being a postgrad student in Information Security, I have made a step forward in the career as an Information Security Professional and joined Uber Security team. Although it was short-lived, it is still a significant step forward and I have learn so much within a span of 3 months.

    So what is my next adventure? I’m joining another organisation (no prizes for guessing it right) and doing something under the Security organisation. :smile: 

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    I wanted to blog at Altosome but realised that I forgot my password. :sad: Oh well. I guess I have to wait for my host to help me to reset the password before I can blog there.

    I got a job now… at Grab. Well, as part of the acquisition, we are given an opportunity to join Grab which I am glad since that means I will have a job that is inline with my interests.

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    So I’m basically going from #UberSecurity to #GrabSecurity. It’s been a sweet and short 3 months at #UberSecurity as I embark my journey in #GrabSecurity. Hopefully it will be longer than 3 months this time round. Let’s hope no other companies are interested to buy Grab so soon…

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    I have finally opened my technology blog at Altosome. Do take a look at it here. I decided not to go for customised themes and just stick to the Twenty Seventeen theme instead and use the photos I took as the header images.

    I haven’t really started any technology articles and is looking for inspiration for it. Is there anything you guys would like to read about?

    Oh yes, those technology articles will also be found in ViolinStar.NET as I would like to continue to use ViolinStar.NET as my main blog, while leaving Altosome as a purely technology related blog. :smile: