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    Oops I went for a hiatus without informing everyone again. Well, I have been busy with violin, work and dating.

    Things are fine at work and I am learning a lot of new stuff daily. Tons of work to clear but still manageable.

    I probably need to send my violin for servicing/cleaning after my exam. It’s more than a decade and I think it deserves some tender loving care. Not sure how much it will be though. Hopefully not too expensive…

    I realised how fat I have become and now really need to lose weight before I become overweight. So I have been watching my diet closely and reduce in eating on snacks. Went for core yoga class yesterday and power yoga class today. It is my first time going for yoga class 2 days in a row. Definitely one of the rare times when I go for yoga twice a week. I need to go more often to work out more and lose weights. Oh, do you know that an adult is recommended to have 150 mins of physical activity a week? I got to know it from the local news channel when they were interviewing Health Promotion Board in Singapore. So yup, that would be 3 yoga class a week. Hopefully I can keep up to the routine and lose some weight. I realised I lost 1 kg after 2 weeks. I just need to lose 2 kg more and I’m happy. That means 1 more month? Hopefully I can keep up to it.

    Oh, and also regular blogging too! I will reply the comments when I use my laptop…

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    I went for my Hot Basics yoga class at Yoga Movement the other day and wow, Janna is such a great teacher! Usually I get bored in a yoga class without music playing in the background but I was not bored throughout Janna’s class even though there was no music playing in the background. :shocked: She corrected a couple of my poses and the corrected pose feels better too! I think only Vera and Janna will correct my poses so far at Yoga Movement. Haha.

    I’m defintely going for Janna’s Basics/Hot Basics class in future. I also liked Vera and Jessica classes too. Oh yes, not to forget Gabrielle’s Zen class.

    I went for Zen, Hot Basics, Core and Power classes before and my favourite yoga class at Yoga Movement is definitely the Basics class. It is easier and slower pace too.

    If you are starting yoga for the first time, I would recommend you to go for Gabrielle’s Zen class or Janet’s Basics class. If you want to do some intense exercise, go for Jessica’s Basics class. It is a very tiring class. It’s even more tiring than Amy C’s Power class. Yes, I am not joking about that.