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    December 24th 2019 , 7:25 pm
    Categories: Online life

    I haven’t been active on my social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) this year. Well, I find myself scrolling through my feeds than wanting to contribute to the feeds. I still like to take photos but I don’t really share them as much now. I have been feeling lazy in terms of editing my photos and sharing my overseas trip experiences which I will probably regret in future but oh well.

    I think I might just spend a day in future to edit my photos and upload at a go, spamming everyone’s feed in the meantime. :oops: Not sure when such a day will come but I do certainly miss the Week of Rest that I used to have back in Autodesk…


      26th December 2019, 5:22 am

      I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to post – in fact, I found this blog post incredibly inspiring! ? You don’t always have to be sharing your trips on the ‘gram, sometimes it’s nice to just keep it to yourself and if you wanted to – share it in the future rather than in the moment.

      My partner, Matt, doesn’t like the whole editing deal with Instagram so he just posts photos as they are. I’m like you – very precise with my editing – but I do admire his lack of care towards the editing front. ? Working towards it!

      Hope you had a great Christmas!

      27th December 2019, 12:35 am

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I take a break from social media all the time. It’s nothing wrong with taking a break from time to time. We all need to refresh.

      28th December 2019, 10:48 pm

      Post whenever you feel like and don’t feel pressure to do so when you aren’t in the mood. Also, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

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