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    December 2nd 2018 , 8:50 pm
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    Chin Hau bought me to Dancing Crab on our 4th monthsary yesterday. Actually he wanted to go there earlier but we didn’t have the time to go. So we went on our 4th monthsary.

    Wow I naively thought it only cost S$9.80 for the lobster they labelled it as S$9.80/100g. The lobster weight 850g so it basically costs S$83.30. :shocked: We ordered 1 steamed and 1 grilled corn along with spicy fries.

    We ordered 1 crab and 1 lobster originally which is too much. Luckily we managed to cancel the order for the crab and just have the lobster. Chin Hau treated me which makes me feel blessed. Hehe, he don’t treat me all the time so I feel blessed when he treated me and it was such an expensive meal. :smile:


      9th December 2018, 9:17 pm

      OMG that lobster is pretty expensive… but it does look delicious! I agree that having the crab would have been too much, good thing you were able to cancel your order in time! :P

      10th December 2018, 8:24 am

      Wow that is crazy expensive for lobster! It’s fun to go out and nice to be treated from time to time though!

      12th December 2018, 9:23 pm

      Wow that’s so expensive but I’m glad that you enjoyed it! :D Treat yourself ;)

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