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    November 26th 2018 , 11:55 pm
    Categories: Love, Personal life, Pictures, With my NEX

    I went to the Changi Wizarding World at Changi Airport with Chin Hau yesterday. Basically it is a set of Harry Potter theme exhibits which look quite disappointing. In order to promote their event, they want to see at least 3 posts for 3 different exhibits before you can play the games. Some of the exhibits are quite disappointing. Anyway, I will leave you with the photos for you to judge. Nothing interesting, to be honest.

    Nevertheless, it was quite a fun date activity and I love to continue to disturb Chin Hau sometimes. :lovestruck: We had dinner at Paradise Dynasty which is kind of expensive and we were so full. Okay, I was very full while it was just ok for Chin Hau. He got a big appetite after all… :smile:


      1st December 2018, 6:42 am

      I agree at how disappointing it is but at least you still had a great date =)

      9th December 2018, 9:13 pm

      The exhibits could have been better, but at least you had a great time together! <3 If you really like the person you're with, that can make the most uninteresting things seem fun! <3

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