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    November 22nd 2018 , 8:27 pm
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    I feel ashamed of myself and some people of the generations of mine, including of my generation.

    It was a rainy morning yesterday and I felt as lazy in waking up as usual. I continued to lie on my bed knowing very well that I would be late for work if I don’t wake up and start preparing for work. In the end, I was still late as usual and rushed to the bus stop to wait for my bus to come that will take me to my workplace.

    I was waiting at the bus stop, still thinking if I should get the new iPad Pro. Yes, the new one with Face ID. Then I saw an elderly man crossing the road and was rushing to cross the road as quickly as he can. His bony legs showed his struggle over the years and on hindsight, it seems like he has early symptoms of Parkinson disease.

    Then he finally reached the other end of the road but is blocked by the barriers at the side of the main pavement since he didn’t cross the road at the main section where you can just reach the pavement directly. He was kind of jaywalking but with the traffic lights in green. So he had to walk towards the pavement along the barriers and I can see how dangerous and scary it is for him because there were cars driving past him when he struggling to walk while holding to the barriers. It was at this moment then I thought to myself of how materialistic and naive of myself wanting to get another iPad Pro when I could have use the money to save for my retirement and use it on healthcare when I need it.

    He finally reached the pavement and suddenly he fell down and couldn’t got up by himself. Here’s the interesting part. The traffic light has just turned green and I saw a young lady (maybe in her late tens to early twenties) and an elderly woman crossing the road. I thought they would be able to help the elderly man. Turns out that the young lady walked towards the other side of the pavement, completely ignoring the elderly man. Disgusting young lady indeed.

    Then the elderly woman saw him and the man was signalling for help but she ignored him and continued her journey. She didn’t even help him get help from the stores nearby…

    I was thinking hard if I should cross over and help him but I was going to be extremely late for work. In the end, I didn’t cross over to help him out either. I feel disgusted by myself for not helping him out. Fortunately, a young man (with long hair so I thought it was a she) got down from his car and helped him out. Thank goodness! The fact that he actually got down from his car and help showed a lot about him and the previous generations. Yes, I think he is older than me. Probably in his thirties. There was a van with several middle aged adults coming out of the van to help the elderly man as well. Probably in their fourties and fifties.

    I’m glad that there were people who are kind hearted like the people who got out of their cars to help instead of the disgusting young lady who chose to walk to the other side. I can understand why the elderly woman did not help. She probably need some help herself but she could have asked for help from the nearby store…

    I do feel ashamed of myself for being one of the people standing at the bus stop and not going over to help.

    This incident made me rethink the part of buying new gadgets/stuff when I should be saving more money for the more important things in life – such as securing a home, maintaining my health and retirement. Will I end up like the elderly man in future? Probably yes. What should I be doing to make sure that I still live an enjoyable and comfortable life at that time? I probably need to save more. So yes, saving is important not just for vacation or emergency funds, but also for retirement.

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