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    June 23rd 2018 , 3:52 pm
    Categories: Site Updates

    Hmm… With GDPR in effect now, I am wondering if I really need to write a privacy policy for ViolinStar.NET when I am just blogging for myself. Yes, my site do collect data when you comment on my blog and when you visit my blog (things like location, IP, etc). But I am not in the business and I don’t blog for profit. 

    Oh well, to be on a safer side, I will write my own Privacy Policy in here. I will definitely refine when I figured out GDPR and all the stuff around it.

    Update: Luckily WordPress provided some guidance how to write the Privacy Policy. Apparently usage of Google Analytics has made it mandatory to have a Privacy Policy in your site. Oops, glad that I have the policy now.

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