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    June 2nd 2018 , 9:37 pm
    Categories: Technology, VS Q&A

    It is funny how I only realised that I got a new Instagram post on @thetreblestory when I saw it from my other Instagram account. Yeah, the posts on @thetreblestory and @lihotography are scheduled automatically and sometimes I forget all about it… until I saw it from another Instagram account.

    Well, why do I want to post so much on @thetreblestory? Cause I do not have so space on my host server and didn’t want to host my photos on places like PhotoBucket. So I decided to do it over Tumblr and Instagram.

    Oh, another first world problem that I face is when I got too many photos to upload. When all these photos got uploaded, it’s tedious to bring them on ViolinStar.NET. :sigh: What a first world problem. Maybe I should take less photos…? :hmm: 

    How do you guys deal with space constraints for your web site?


      Edel Altares
      3rd June 2018, 3:09 am

      I use cloud services like Cloudinary! I’m wary about using social media to store photos.

      How exactly do you schedule your Instagram posts? I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.

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