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    June 2nd 2018 , 1:55 pm
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    I went to Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant with Alex and Jin Quan on last Thursday (24 May 2018). It is so much better than Ajiya

    It’s going to be my favourite okonomiyaki place in Singapore. 🙂 I’m definitely going back there again. :happy: 

    We kind of over-ordered. I think we ordered 2 okonomiyaki (pork and tom yum), 1 seafood teppanyaki set (for 2 people) and 1 monjayaki (chicken). All these amount of food for 3 people. :shocked: And it is still cheaper than going for the buffet option too. Haha.

    I also used my new Panasonic LX10 for this trip and here are the photos I took. Seriously though, the selfies taken using the camera is superb. The bokeh is amazing! Just think of iPhone portrait lighting mode but you do not need to hold it so far away and the bokeh effect is much better.

    Anyway, I don’t upload photos of myself online so here are the rest of the photos – mainly food cause it is a food trip after all. 😀

    I cooked the bottom okonomiyaki! The tom yum one. I’m a better chef than Alex. Well, this is probably the first time Alex cook something. :shocked: Jin Quan don’t even cook at all. Lol…

    Lesson learnt: Don’t go Seiwaa with people who can’t cook at all unless you want to cook the whole meal. Lololol.

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