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    May 20th 2018 , 1:37 pm
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    I went to NTU Art, Design and Media graduation exhibition 2018 at National Library and National Design Centre last Sunday (13 May 2018) and saw some cool exhibits. Heard from someone that it is an exhibition for potential hirers to seek the job candidates that they are interested in. Also a place for the graduates to find a job too.

    I’ll let the photos do the talking about the event then. :smile:

    Every time I go to something design related, it always brings me back to the thought of “What if I really enter a design school by then?” Well, obviously I did not take the design route since I am in tech industry now. But somehow a little feeling that I always get when I go for such events is that… 

    If I have opt to enter design school…

    Where would I be right now?

    Will I be based in Singapore or some European country?

    How will I be like?

    Will I be able to feed myself and my family in future?

    Can I still afford the same kind of lifestyle or a better lifestyle?

    Will I be who I am right now?

    I don’t have answers to any of these questions right now and I don’t know if I will ever have answers to any of these questions. Am I happy with my current life based on the choices I made? Well, I am blessed with no significant issues in my life right now. Not in the best position that I would have hoped for but it is not too far away. Am I happy? Well, I can’t answer that since I don’t know my own definition of happiness yet. I’m still confused/lost. But I know I will find my way, just like how I always do.

    So did I go into music technology which I was thinking back in 2012? Well, nope. I went into information security domain after spending 4.5 years in quality assurance. Will I regret this route since it is not music technology? Well, I’m not sure but I know information security route is something that I want to do it now and maybe for the next 5 years. So here I am… Still in technology industry and loving it. :smile: 

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