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    March 13th 2018 , 9:10 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life, Rants

    Things have been a little too quiet here. Well, the same I can say for my life right now. I am either rushing for my school assignments/tests/readings or working or yoga/jogging. I don’t really have much time left for violin which is rather sad.

    However, I’m happy to be busy and learning new stuff. I realised that the older you get, the more time you have for yourself to learn new stuff because your friends are either busy with their boy/girlfriends or with their families (after they got married or about to get married). It’s kind of sad though but oh well, that’s life. One has to accept the reality of life. Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content.

    Sometimes I wonder the people whom I just met or acquainted are meant to stay for long… And I wonder what is their purpose of entering my life when they fade away. Some are obvious… like reminding myself not to be like that person. Some are not so obvious and I ended up thinking for a longer-than-required time. Ultimately it is my life and I shall live the way I deem fit. Yet, I wish I don’t have to get acquainted with people who are plain jerks – be it relationship or friendship. But I guess their purpose of entering my life is to help me identify jerks and not let such people into my inner circle of friends in future? Oh well, maybe that’s just life.


      23rd March 2018, 8:34 am

      I find out that I only have a few true friends and a lot of them are just acquaintances. I still think even if you’re busy with life, you still can have time to prioritize a friendship or any kind of relationship with the people in your life. It depends on how serious you are with it.

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