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    January 1st 2018 , 1:01 am
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    I got myself a new watch – Apple Watch Series 3. Hehe. I think I have everything under Apple umbrella now, except Apple TV which I won’t be buying since I do not own a TV in my bedroom. LOL.

    2018 is finally here and I’m starting a new job in 8 days. :shocked: Oh my gosh, now the reality is finally setting in. 


      Maroon Caludin
      1st January 2018, 2:12 am

      I myself don’t have an apple watch, iPhone, or Apple TV. Though am planning on eventually getting apple TV. It shall let me watch Gravity Falls on my tv! XD

      Good luck with the new job!

      1st January 2018, 4:22 am

      Wow! Congratulations!! Hope it’s a great new environment. What a way to bring in the new year! :)
      I’d be happy to exchange link! I’ve put you up on my Links page!
      And congrats on the apple watch. I have an iPad, and using 2 Macbook Pros, but I think I am gonna stick to my Android4Lyfe and my Google Pixel. Hehe.

      Hiro x

      Amy Gibson
      1st January 2018, 6:07 am

      Hope you’re enjoying your Apple watch! I only own an iPhone at the moment, which I love!

      Good luck with the new job and Happy New Year!

      5th January 2018, 12:21 am

      How do you like the watch so far? My hubby wanted one but he liked the look on the Fossil smart watch more so now I am debating which to get him~

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