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    December 31st 2017 , 7:55 pm
    Categories: Insights, Personal life

    It’s the last day of the year and it is also a time to reflect on my past year. 2017 has been good to me. I have been juggling with:

    • Full time job in the tech industry – always thankful to get to work in an US MNC like Autodesk as my first job
    • Violin lessons – thankful that my finger injury has somewhat recovered fully now
    • Songwriting lessons – more of aural training classes, really
    • Part time Masters student – along with security project with a research focus
    • Yoga lessons – because I also need to keep fit, haha

    It is pretty crazy and busy for me but I somehow managed to survive through all of them.

    I also got myself a new phone (say hi to iPhone 8 Plus) and a new watch (yay for Apple Watch 3). Oh, I got myself a new laptop that is much lighter so that I can bring it to school without breaking my back. Lots of new gadgets for myself this year indeed.

    What I absolutely love is the 9GB data plan that I signed up for cause that means I no longer need to bring another phone out to tether for internet access or pay excessive phone bills cause I burst my data limit again.

    I have also started my investment journey and slowly (and steadily) building my portfolio this year. Kind of late but still better than nothing? Hehe. :happy:

    I wonder what 2018 will bring me…

    • Definitely another degree as I am graduating next semester
    • A new work environment as I have signed the employment contract for the new company that I am joining
    • Perhaps more focus on how to earn more money through investments and less shopping? I should learn to save more for the rainy days
    • And last but not least, more exercise as I am growing fatter year after year…

    How had 2017 treated you guys and what do you look forward in 2018?


      3rd January 2018, 3:04 am

      What an adventure it was for 2017! Let’s look forward to a happier and better 2018! Happy new year to you, Sakura!

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