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    November 11th 2017 , 8:40 pm
    Categories: New stuff

    Hoho. I am finally done with my thesis. Now what’s left is my data mining project presentation and the thesis presentation for the next 2 weeks. Can’t wait for the semester to end soon!

    I haven’t met my university friends for quite some time and I finally met them today. Kimberly helped me buy the Fancl Washing Powder when she is back from Japan. It is selling at more than S$50 for 2 bottles in Singapore but she got them for S$30.50. Yay for cheaper cleansers.

    I bought one when I went to Hokkaido in June this year and tried it recently. Whoa, it is now my holy grail cleanser. :smile: Too bad it is really expensive in Singapore and I am glad that someone can help me buy it in Japan. :grin: 

    I went out to the new Astons concept store at Marina Square whereby there is free flow side dishes and fruits/desserts. It’s not bad even though it is a lot more expensive than the usual Astons food. I paid S$22.90 for a main course + salad/side dish/fruits/desserts bar when it is less than S$10 if I buy the same main course from the school food court… I like the side dishes though and would go there again for meetups.

    It is also my last school semester next year and whoa, time really do flies. I am going to get my Masters degree pretty soon and it is awesome.

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