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    October 21st 2017 , 9:40 pm
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    “Now that almost ten years have passed since then, I’m quite grateful to Sakura for reminding me of how and why I started blogging. Sakura was one of the blogger friends I met then; though we haven’t really met personally plus the fact that I don’t even know her real name, I’m thankful to have met her through blogging. She actually started a year longer than I did but she still kept her blog updated up until now. Such perseverance indeed. Procrastination is definitely no tin her dictionary!”

    Hehe, see what Gryselle wrote about me here. That’s not something I expected to see when I nominated people for Liebster Award. :smile: But she reminded me of how Liebster Award are commonly used to differentiate the blogosphere cliques. Yes, I was from that generation of bloggers and have been blogging for 16 years. It’s nice to see some of my blogger friends still around after so long too. It’s also amazing how long I have been using this domain name (close to 10 years!) as well. :happy: I guess many more years to come for this domain name? Haha.


      22nd October 2017, 8:56 am

      That’s such a long time to be blogging. :) I first started blogging in 2005. I’m trying to remember if I visited your blog back then, but I always commented on so many, and it was so long ago. My blog back then was called I quit blogging in 2011 and then decided to come back over the summer. Best decision ever, I think. These days I can’t even believe I ever stopped blogging, let alone for 6 years. It seems like such a big part of my life now.

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