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    October 7th 2017 , 3:08 pm
    Categories: Personal life, Rants

    I went to see the specialist for my new finger injury and he said I might have hurt my ligament and told me to tie my injured finger to the next finger so that it recover faster. Well, I did that for 2 days and it did feel better. However, I got lazy for 1 day and it got worse. Bleh. Oh well. I hope it recover soon. I am sticking both of my fingers together now with a surgical tape.


      7th October 2017, 11:32 pm

      Ahh, I’m so sorry to hear about your finger :( I hope that you feel better soon!

      8th October 2017, 12:59 pm

      That doesn’t sound fun at all. :(

      12th October 2017, 2:20 am

      I hope you feel better! I still have the mumps and it sucks :( had it for a few weeks now and I flattened a metal standing fan when I tripped and managed to hurt and sprain my foot. Yay for klutzy me!

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