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    October 2nd 2017 , 12:14 am
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    Sigh. I injured my finger again. This time it is another finger. Sigh. Now I wonder if I should schedule my Hand Surgery appointment earlier. Maybe I should. :cry: 

    On another note, I have to study for my data mining test which is coming on next Tuesday. :sigh: Sigh, I will probably start returning comments next weekend.

    On a happier note, I am less worried for my wisdom tooth now that I discovered the technique to properly brush it cleanly. I didn’t get pain from it so hopefully no decay. I hope it will stay that way for as long as possible because I am not confident to go for wisdom tooth surgery at all. :sad: 


      2nd October 2017, 3:40 pm

      Eeeek, wisdom tooth extraction is the worst (well, next to tonsillectomy)! I had a very painful recovery period, but then I needed to have it done because my wisdom TEETH were pushing my other teeth forward, that’s why braces couldn’t fix the deformity :| After that though, everything went well.

      Good luck on your test! :) Take it easy!

      Maroon Caludin
      5th October 2017, 5:31 am

      Oh dear! Hope your hand will feel better!

      I had my wisdom teeth removed. It really wasn’t too bad, but I was also knocked out. I don’t recall noticing much pain. The pain was keeping the hole where the tooth was clean till it closed up.

      6th October 2017, 7:26 pm

      Hope your hand gets better soon! That doesn’t sound nice at all!

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