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    September 9th 2017 , 11:46 pm
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    I have been really busy with school (and work, of course) recently that I am neglecting my music and perhaps, photography aspect of life. Guess blogging from my laptop has taken a backseat as well. Speaking of which, I am thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard for personal use… I guess it makes typing feels more shiok? Haha. But first I need a proper mouse since the batteries in my Microsoft Arc Mouse is leaking and I can’t use it anymore… :cry: 

    I have also started my investment journey and is making paper loss. Well, I guess it is all about long term investment? Hopefully I am going to see paper gain soon… 

    It didn’t help much when USD is depreciating too. Sigh. It has been on a steady decline ever since someone has become the President. Oh well. 

    Joanna Dong went to take part in the Sing! China competition and her second performance for the competition is really awesome! Just watch it below.

    Okay, back to school work now.


      10th September 2017, 4:07 am

      Don’t feel bad about being busy – it’s just life isn’t it? Definitely go do what you have to do first <3

      I love mechanical keyboards, the clicks are super satisfying and make me want to type more!

      Maroon Caludin
      14th September 2017, 6:31 am

      We all get busy! I know that feeling well. I always was curious about those keyboards, let us know if you get one how it is!

      14th September 2017, 4:05 pm

      That’s weird, my comment didn’t get through so I’m just gonna type this again :D

      I’ve been super busy with so many things too, so I can totally relate to you right now! But don’t worry, just blog whenever you have time – that’s what I do! Haha!

      I haven’t heard of Joanna Dong and this is the first time I ever heard her sing – I love her voice so much! She sounds really good! :)

      17th September 2017, 4:13 am

      Girl, never feel bad about being busy. Real life calls sometimes, and I promise we will still be here when you get back, lol.
      I’ve never really tried investing much, then again, I also currently don’t have the cash to do so. Currently attempting to save for a vacation I’ve been wanting to take since I was pretty young, and only 4 months left to do it, lol.

      If you happen to get one of those keyboards, let us know how you like it!
      I loved topping by your blog =)

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