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    September 3rd 2017 , 5:14 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Japanese related, Overseas, Personal life, Pictures, Travel, With my NEX

    We went to Ginga-no-taki/Ryusei-no-taki twin waterfalls and also passed by Sounkyo Ropeway. Both attractions are in Daisetsuzan National Park which is Hokkaido’s largest national park. I didn’t take much photos with my camera cause it was drizzling at that time and my camera battery cover is spoilt so I don’t dare to keep using it lest water gets into the body.

    I took photos and videos with my Gopro Hero 5 when I was there and I didn’t upload much from my Gopro to Foto Amore or The Treble Story.

    ===Sounkyo Ropeway===

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