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    August 31st 2017 , 12:16 am
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    Xiao Wei mentioned that Furano Winery and Chataeu Furano has really great scenery and whoa, she is totally right!

    It’s also my first time visiting a winery. I was thinking of visiting Napa Valley before but didn’t spend that money because (1) I’m really poor at that time, (2) I don’t drink so what’s the point of visiting a winery?

    Well, I didn’t thought that I will visit a winery in Hokkaido but decided to stick to it since it is pretty near Furano Cheese Factory and Furano Pizza Factory which were on our itinerary.

    We also get to try some wine and grape juice as well. Xiao Wei and I really liked the grape juice and since she was our driver, she couldn’t try out the wine. Well, if you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink. I don’t drink but tasted a tiny bit of rose wine but I didn’t like it.

    Chateau Furano is just above the Furano Winery. It’s actually an atas restaurant (i.e. really expensive). I don’t recommend climbing up. I mean walking up the slope. Driving up is fine, I suppose. Glad that Xiao Wei decided to be our driver for the trip. :smile: 

    We wanted to have our lunch there originally but whoa, the food are really expensive. No wonder it is a fine dining place. It’s expensive because of its view and ambience.

    Japan is a lot more advanced than Singapore when it comes to technology. I don’t think I ever seen an electric car charger in Singapore before…

    See what I mean by really nice scenery? If you guys are driving in Hokkaido, it’s definitely a place worth visiting!


      1st September 2017, 2:52 am

      Loves these places~

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