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    August 27th 2017 , 8:24 pm
    Categories: Food, Friendship, Japanese related, Overseas, Personal life, Pictures, Travel, With my NEX

    Like I mentioned in my previous post on Furano Ice Cream Shop, milk and cheese products in Hokkaido is very famous and often sold at a premium price outside of Hokkaido (even in Japan itself too!) I’m so glad that we went to visit the Furano Cheese Factory as well. It’s very difficult to get there and you have to drive there to get there (or maybe just join a tour group). Thank goodness Xiao Wei is driving and drove us there to visit. :happy: 

    This is one of my first posts on Foto Amore showing how excited Hello kitty is to visit her hometown, Japan, and also Hokkaido.

    Too bad cheese hotpot was not part of our food itinerary. If only I knew about it earlier, I would have slot it as part of the itinerary…

    I wanted to buy this for my mother but it looks like milk even though it is detergent. That warning sign (“You can’t drink it.”) is very much needed. In the end, I didn’t buy it since she can’t read Japanese and I don’t want her to accidentally drink it.

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