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    August 27th 2017 , 8:17 pm
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    One of the famous food to try in Hokkaido is their ice cream. Their ice cream are made of Hokkaido milk which is a delicacy to those outside of Hokkaido. As a result, anything made from Hokkaido milk/cheese (or red beans) are always very expensive and being marketed as “Hokkaido XXX”.

    I’m glad that I managed to eat their ice cream. One of my friends, Wai Min, even proclaimed that she is going to have ice cream daily. :grin: 

    I’m more of the cup ice cream kind of girl and unfortunately, cup ice cream don’t look that nice on photos. Glad that I have friends who went for cone ice cream, like the one below. Hehe. It’s milk and grape flavours!

    Just look at the menu! There’s milk, cheese, corn, melon, grape and lavender flavour. I want to try them all! Hahaha. In the end I went for the safe option of milk and grape flavours instead. I should have tried cheese ice cream. Sigh. Now I can’t find it in Singapore…

    This is the cup ice cream that I went for and Hello Kitty is excited to try it too! :smile:

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