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    August 27th 2017 , 12:02 am
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    Huang Yin loves lavender flowers and really wanted to visit the Farm Tomita (which is the famous lavender farm in Hokkaido). I love flowers and of course, wouldn’t say no to visiting a flower farm in Hokkaido!

    I have never been to lavender farm or see lavender in real life before. My interaction with lavender is just the scent and that’s it. Just imagine how excited I am to visit a lavender flower farm! :grin:

    Yes, that’s lavender flower. Omg, omg, omg!

    More lavender flowers cause I just spammed photos, even though my camera battery cover has already broke on the first day of the trip

    The scenery in Farm Tomita is really nice. I discovered the use of Lightroom app on my iPad and have been using it to enhance my photos too.

    How can I not take a selfie for Hello Kitty when we are there? Hahaha.

    Hello Kitty loves the awesome view too!

    Guess what? Farm Tomita also have daisies too! Omg, that’s one of my favourite flower! I wish someone will give it to him on Valentine’s Day, preferably someone I love. Hehe.

    More flowers around Farm Tomita as well!

    With such awesome scenery at Farm Tomita, we also spotted some couple taking their pre-wedding photos there too!

    One thing that I realised when I was in Japan is that their standard of English is not as good as the ones in Singapore. I mean… Just look at this sign… Erm.

    Other than flowers fields, we also see some empty (but budding) flowers fields…

    We went to the souvenir shops and spotted the Yuiga Doxon curry potato that I wished I have bought it and eat it. Yuiga Doxon is a famous curry don place in Hokkaido which I will be blogging about soon.

    And of course, lots of plush toys which Xiao Wei adore!


      27th August 2017, 3:36 pm

      The lavender farm looks absolutely AMAZING! I’ve never been to one myself but really enjoyed looking at your photos. I bet it smells LOVELY there!

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

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