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    August 26th 2017 , 10:51 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Japanese related, Overseas, Personal life, Pictures, Travel, With my NEX

    I went overseas with Lay Lian, Huang Yin, Xiao Wei, Ming Lian and Wai Min to Hokkaido. Well, it is not my first time landing in Japan (I took a flight via Narita Airport when I flew to San Francisco back in 2015). But it is my first time travelling and exploring Japan. :smile: 

    We took a transit flight to Haneda Airport before we landed in Chitose Airport. We went to Haneda Airport to get our bento lunch while waiting for the domestic flight to Chitose Airport.

    After we landed in Chitose Airport, we took a shuttle bus to the Nissan car rental company and I took the opportunity to take the photo with Hello Kitty (as seen below).

    Sadly for me, I broke my camera body on the first day (when we were checking the rental car and I knocked it on something). Sigh. :hk_sad: So that explains why I don’t have much photos taken. Most of the photos are taken by my phone camera but the ones I uploaded online are mainly either from Gopro Hero 5 or my Sony NEX-5R (which I try not to carry it around since the battery cover has already broke).

    Thank goodness I got Gopro Hero 5 with me, otherwise, I will really not have much high quality photos.  :hmm: 

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