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    August 6th 2017 , 3:20 pm
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    Okay, this is a hidden nice tourist spot which we didn’t expect. We went to Lotte Mall for dinner and some shopping and turns out that they have a ducky gallery, a Star Museum and a rooftop garden which has really nice scenery. It’s like you can see the entire Busan (okay, maybe not the entire Busan but most of it) from the rooftop. Do visit the Gwangbok Branch if you ever visit Busan!

    We spotted a ducky gallery with these huge duckies while leaving the rooftop garden…

    There’s a Star Museum too somewhere in the middle of the building (above the shopping areas)!

    The rooftop garden is got to be my favourite place at the Lotte Mall. Oh, did I say I like something else other than shopping in a shopping mall? Hehe.

    Basically I spammed a lot of photos at the garden and I think we spent 1 to 1.5 hrs at it. Can you believe how long we spent there when it is winter time? So we were basically pretty cold at that time and we even witness the guards changing shift as well. I don’t think their shift is long since it is pretty cold to stay outdoors (the rooftop garden is completely outdoors as you can see from the photos below) in winter season…

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