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    August 6th 2017 , 1:45 pm
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    Rui Yun and I went to Gamcheon Culture Village. Well, it’s another famous tourist spot in Busan and I highly recommend you guys to visit if you go to Busan.

    I didn’t take much photos because I was busy absorbing the scenery. Haha, just joking. For some reason, I didn’t upload much photos for it so that explains the lack of photos.

    Frankly speaking, it is quite a climb for both of us to get to somewhere near the top and we got lost halfway so we didn’t go all the way ti the top. I think you can actually take bus to the top but we alighted too early so we end up walking up the slope. Luckily it was winter time, otherwise it would be too hot to walk up the slope…


      6th August 2017, 2:50 pm

      I wish I could visit Korea. I met a fellow Kpop fan when I sold my ipod nano to this person, and she spoke to me in Korean and apparently, she goes to Korea 7-8 times a year since she works for a airline. That’s cool you had fun! Just enjoy the time there and worry about the pictures later!

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