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    August 6th 2017 , 12:59 am
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    I went to Busan in my last Korea trip back in January 2016 and it is an eye opener. Some of you may have heard of the Train to Busan movie and thank goodness I went to Busan before the movie has been released. Otherwise, I would probably feel a bit scared to take the train to Busan (literally).

    Anyway, like all of my other travel posts, I will let the photos tell the experience. :smile: 

    How can I go to Busan without my mascot, Hello Kitty? Hahaha. Don’t you think the stopover stations remind you of one of the zombie scenes in Train to Busan movie? Except there are no zombies in that station (thank goodness!)…

    Guess what I saw on the train!

    After a long ride on train, we finally reached Busan!

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