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    August 5th 2017 , 4:54 pm
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    We stayed at Hongdae area and Rui Yun wanted to visit the Coffeesmith branch where quite a few Korean dramas and filmed at. The outlet that we went to is also the filming location of The Girl Who Sees Smells. It’s also my first time visiting a coffeeshop that is also a filming location of a Korean drama that I watched after visiting the location. Well, I didn’t watch the drama after visiting the location though. It just so happened that Channel U started showing the drama after I came back from Korea. So ya, it’s all coincidence, I guess? Haha. :smile:
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    We also went to COEX – for me to go to their duty free shops and for Rui Yun to visit the SM Museum. Yup, it’s the museum full of Girl Generation and Super Junior stuff. Hehe.
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      6th August 2017, 12:21 am

      Hope you had fun! It must have been so cool to go somewhere where so many dramas are filmed!

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