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    August 5th 2017 , 4:54 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Korean related, Overseas, Personal life, Pictures, Travel, With my NEX

    I love visiting nice architectural places and universities are samples of really nice architectural places that I would like to visit. I am glad that Rui Yun don’t mind visiting universities with me. Of course, we have to go to my favourite Korea university – Ewha Womans University.

    The following photo got 113 likes in Instagram which is a record for me. It is like more than my Instagram followers too. :shocked: I wonder if I will ever beat the record…

    Then we went to Sejong University…

    We also managed to visit Sungkyunkwan University too!

    We also managed to visit Yonsei University.

    We visited other universities as like Hongdae University as well but we didn’t had time to really go in and explore. I think we visited 8 Korean universities in the trip. Sadly, we weren’t able to crash the lessons since it is winter break time…

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