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    August 5th 2017 , 1:42 pm
    Categories: Friendship, School life

    Hoho. It’s my last weekend before school starts. Well, technically speaking I still have 1 week of holidays before school starts but I signed up for NUS SoC Summer School and it starts next Monday. There are 4 days of the summer school but I only managed to get 2 out of the 4 days. Well, that’s not exactly a bad thing since I don’t have so many days of annual leave left after my Japan trip.

    I got into the “Cryptocurrencies: Security Challenges & Solutions” and “An Introduction to Sound Music and Wearable Computing” classes and is quite excited to go for it. Unfortunately, I will have to be in school from 9am which is a bummer. But I guess I will find the motivation to go for it since I will be learning interesting stuff on topics that I am really passionate about. It is a bonus especially when I have friends who will be going for the first day with me, right? Glad that Alan and Jeffrey are going for the Cyptocurrencies session with me. Thanks to Alan for asking us to go too. I would probably have missed the announcement on the summer school in my email if he hasn’t mentioned it in the Whatsapp group chat… Hehe. :grin: 

    Anyway, here’s the description of the summer school sessions that I am going for.

    Cryptocurrencies: Security Challenges & Solutions

    Cryptocurrency networks represent an aggregated market value of several hundred billion dollars, with tens of thousands of computing machines connected to them. Cryptocurrencies promise to operate as an open distributed network with no trusted party, inviting anyone to join their mining infrastructure or as a user. The design of secure cryptocurrencies is a multi-faceted problem. It includes a number of research challenges, both theoretical and applied. In this talk, I present technical challenges involved in designing a cryptocurrency, including (a) ‘cryptonomic’ incentive structures, (b) consensus protocols, (c) operational decentralization, (d) privacy, (e) Sybil-resilience, and (f) network topology design. Our work has anticipated attacks that have occurred in practice, and proposed solutions to prevent such failures. A number of these solutions have now found live deployments and have shaped the design of large-scale cryptocurrency systems.

    Students will need to bring a laptop to get the most out of this class.

    An Introduction to Sound Music and Wearable Computing

    The summer school one-day course at NUS School of Computing serves as an introduction to the field of sound, music and wearable computing which is multidisciplinary in nature. We will touch bases on three major areas – sound, music, and the relationship of theory to practice by way of several interactive and hands-on sessions. We will introduce the analytic and synthetic approaches of sound and music computing. The analytic approach pertains to analysis and understanding, whereas the synthetic approach pertains to generation and processing. Special attention will be given to user interaction aspects including multimodal mobile music interfaces and sound interaction design with live demos. Participants will get to record their own voice, process it, modify it, mix it with background music, to make a composition.
    We will demonstrate tools we have developed to facilitate the delivery of established music-enhanced therapies, harnessing the synergy of sound and music computing (SMC), wearable computing, and cloud computing technologies to promote learning and to facilitate disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in both developed countries and resource-poor developing countries. These tools are being developed as part of ongoing research projects that combine wearable sensors, smartphone apps, and cloud-based therapy delivery systems to facilitate music-enhanced learning and music-enhanced physical therapy.

    Students must bring their own laptop, USB flashdrive and earphones/ headphones.

    Don’t they sound really cool? I’m so glad that I got into the music computing class and I think the prof might remember me since he is my FYP evaluator. Hehe. The cryptocurrency class is more related to my current specialisation in graduate school and it will be an insightful class. :smile: 

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