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    July 23rd 2017 , 2:01 pm
    Categories: Personal life, Shopping, Wants

    This is my first weekend after coming back from Japan whereby I am not sick. Hehe. Being sick for a month sucks and it makes me value my health even more. After all, no amount of money can let you have good health. Only what you eat, what you exercise and how strong your antibodies/white blood cells/platelets can ensure good health.

    Which is also why I am a bit paranoid in terms of eye protection and is seriously considering Crizal Xperio lenses – the one that claimed to have the maximum sun protection for your eyes. However, I am also thinking of chabging to a new sunglasses frames, probably one that is branded and much nicer. Sadly, I will have to pay for my own frames since I kind of used up the money for my spectacles for this year (company benefit).

    I am thinking of getting Gentle Monster frames but those are quite expensive. Was thinking of buying them online since SGD to USD rates are lower these days. But oh well, not sure if that is a wise choice since I don’t actually get to try them on. Hmm…


      Cristina Cocioaba
      24th July 2017, 7:15 pm

      I am so happy that you are feeling better. I have to change my glasses as well, but it’s still not the time. I have other expenses at the moment.

      As you could notice sometimes I have big breaks from my blog, because I just don’t have the time or the mood to write (sometimes exams suck the life out of me), but overall I try to organize myself as best as I can.

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