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    I went to the Harry Potter exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum on 8 January 2017 (I don’t remember but that’s the timestamp I saw on my phone – i.e. when the photos are transferred from my camera to my phone).

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    Harry Potter and friends figurines! Always wanted to get it but don’t have place to display them. Oh well… I will make do with seeing them at an exhibition…

    Harry Potter books stamps collection!

    And it’s illegal too.

    So my friend is at Harry Potter exhibition in London so here I am, making do with my old photos from the Harry Potter exhibition that I visited last year…

    And also the collectibles!

    Not something that I would buy though…

    Just taking a walk in the Harry Potter land…

    Another shot from Harry Potter land…

    Which wand is suitable for me

    Oh the flying car!

    We also went to the stamp collection exhibition in the same museum too.

    Who still remember these old post boxes in Singapore that are used in 1970s?

    The letter box that is taller than me. Somehow now it reminded me of the Temple Island legal case (on copyright infringement due to a photography idea) about the red London bus photos.

    Oh so many stamps!

    The 5-cent stamp.

    There are some exhibits around the museum too…

    Fake nasi lemak!

    Somehow that can drink completes the artistic shot of this photo…

    Before we left, we pasted our entry sticker on this sticker board too…

    So many stickers!

    And also saw these gifts at the gift shop…

    Childhood memories?


      Cristina Cocioaba
      9th May 2017, 5:34 am

      OMG, This HP exhibition looks amazing. I wish they would be things like that in Romania. I would go without thinking about anything else. I really want to re-live those childhood memories I have with Harry <3.

      14th May 2017, 4:03 am

      I love HP and this exhibit looks amazing~!

      16th May 2017, 10:47 pm

      OMG I am in love with the Harry Potter series and I would love to see this exhibit! I really envy you :(

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