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    May 7th 2017 , 1:05 am
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    I went to ArtScience Museum for the NASA – A Human Adventure exhibition with Rui Yun and Eunice last December (actually I don’t remember the exact date but it should be during Week of Rest). We originally wanted to go for the Future World exhibition but silly me didn’t realised that we need to book the tickets earlier or queue up to buy the tickets in order to get in. Apparently they have strict crowd control and they only have a fixed set of tickets available at each entry time. :sad: 

    Oh well… Nevertheless we still manage to go for the NASA – A Human Adventure exhibition. It’s different from the one I went in Palo Alto.

    Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took.

    Spotted this at ArtScience Museum and it is definitely a good spot to take portraits!

    Probably why I like Science more than Art?

    Look at how amazed the child is at one of the exhibits!

    The connection of Science and Art…

    Science and Art are like the interface to experiences.

    But I don’t like mysterious people, no matter how beautiful they are…

    Science = Art?

    The Apollo Lunar Roving vehicle… (a full scale replica though)

    The Space Shuttle Payload and General Support Computer.

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