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    May 5th 2017 , 9:07 pm
    Categories: Online life, Personal life, School life, Work

    Hoho. I finally went back to yoga class. Well, I stopped going for 1.5 to 2 mths because of the tight school schedule and overwhelming work from my modules, especially my Foundations of IP Law module. Glad that I got the discipline and motivation to go for class today. I actually wanted to skip today’s class to go shopping instead. So glad that I went for it today and my shoulder muscles don’t feel that tight anymore. :smile: 

    I actually wanted to go for yoga class on yesterday but ended up working till late and kind of missed the timing to leave office in order to reach yoga studio in time for my class.

    I wasn’t planning to go for yoga class today but I still book a mat just in case there is a change in plans. Well, luckily I booked a mat because my night shift got postponed this morning. I was supposed to attend a training at 4am later but it got postponed.

    Well, guess it is a good thing that I got more time to clear my work today (which is really a lot since I took 1.5 weeks off from work to focus on my law exam revision) and I even managed to squeeze some time out for yoga and blogging. Haha, I also managed to post some seriously overdue photos on my Instagram yesterday night. That means a blog post on those photos is coming up! Hehe. Do look out for it! :wink: 

    I am also going back for my songwriting class and going back to the regime of practising my violin at night too. That’s certainly feel like I am getting back my life without school work.

    I also felt pretty happy to go back to work. Guess law is really not my cup of tea… at least for now. I’m still happy to be working in the tech industry and doing technically challenging work. Of course, I love the benefits of working in a tech company too. Haha. :happy: 

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