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    April 30th 2017 , 10:38 am
    Categories: Personal life, Technology

    Hoho. So I went to get my 10-metre LAN cable yesterday and set up my powerline adapters. Yes, now my bedroom is no longer a WiFi blind spot! :smile: The downside is that the WiFi speed is like 1/3 of the actual WiFi speed. Oh well… It is still much faster than my old ADSL broadband plan though. Well, I had a huge upgrade from my 6Mbps ADSL broadband (don’t ask me how I survived on such slow Internet speed) to a 300Mbps Fibre broadband. :happy: Now you get why I am so excited about my new broadband plan? Hehe.


      3rd May 2017, 5:07 pm

      Awesome! My room used to be a Wifi dead spot too, so I totally know how you feel about finally having Wifi in your room! :P

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