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    March 16th 2017 , 9:36 pm
    Categories: Rants, School life

    Okay guys, I am back for a while from my hiatus. I know I should be getting back to my school work but really need to rant this out somewhere…

    I kind of finished most of the content of my law essay assignment and oh gosh, I’m probably in trouble too. I was reading the entire essay and realised that it has become a more of a Network Security essay. The worst part? I have no idea how to transform it back to a law essay… :sad: I am like exclaiming “Jialat liao, how sia?!” in Singlish in my brain right now. It basically means “Oh no! What should I do now?” for those who don’t know Singlish – which is probably a significant part of my web traffic nowadays. :happy: 

    Okay, back to the struggle of my law essay as my friends are giving me more ideas why online pirates will always win in the game of online piracy. :pissed:

    I’m still thankful for having friends who are there to hear me rant about my law module.

    Oh, this is my essay topic in case you are wondering:

    “Judicial site-blocking (under section 193DDA et seq Copyright Act (Cap 63)) is an efficacious measure to combat online piracy”.  Discuss the veracity of this proposition. 


      17th March 2017, 11:52 pm

      Nice webpage you have here., hang in there . BTW your old blog posts links are broken. :confused:

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