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    March 12th 2017 , 5:30 pm
    Categories: Personal life, Rants

    Boo hoo hoo. My eye degree worsen by a little so now I have to change one of my lens again. :sad: On top of that, I scratched one of the lens so end up I have to change the pair of lenses. Oh well… I have to wait 2 weeks for the new lenses so that means I have to stick to my PC spectacles for the next 2 weeks. :shocked: Sigh, oh well. That’s the trouble I have to go through for my main spectacles since I have been using the Japanese Junsai lenses for so long… :sigh: 

    I was thinking maybe I can change my main spectacles. Well, sorry Gucci, your frames aren’t that nice after wearing you for 1 year. :blank: Sadly, Paris Miki don’t have much nice spectacles designs either. Well, the branch I went to doesn’t carry much brands either. Dior frames will be out of my budget along with my Junsai lenses anyway. So no point looking at them? :sad: Anyway, I still have my trusty PC spectacles from Sisley which I got it from Richard’s Atelier (Korean eyewear shop). Luckily I still have my PC spectacles to wear. Speaking of which, I do need to change the lenses since my eye degree has changed now. Oh well… I rather change it when the degree decrease… :sad: 

    Anyway, I am sticking to my trusty Gucci and Sisley spectacles for now… Oh well…


      12th March 2017, 11:23 pm

      Oh so sad to hear that~ be careful next time when you get your new pair of lenses :D

      I just had business law back in college :D heehee~

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