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    March 10th 2017 , 12:02 am
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    I had a very bad day today. It’s a long story which I will spare you guys the full details. Okay, maybe just the ones about my school life?

    Seriously speaking, the more time I spent in law school, the more foreign I feel. It is like studying in another country. I have a few readings which I couldn’t find on Lexis or Westlaw. I emailed the secretary for help but she didn’t reply. So I dropped an email to the prof and guess what. She replied to her original email and asked the someone in NUS Law office to guide me instead. I am like, “Okay… Then why didn’t you reply earlier? -.-” Anyway, the guy from NUS Law office replied and mentioned that I can call or email the contact the law library for help which is what I did. Luckily for me, the librarian got the books for me and even bookmarked the pages where my legal cases were. I’m definitely thankful for it.

    Then the next issue came up. Apparently, photocopying of law books require some profound skills. :shocked: Well, I didn’t know that I need to set some settings and failed when I photocopied the first 2 pages. Fortunately, there was an auntie at the photocopying room and she was pretty free. So I asked her for help. Now I know why the librarian told me to go to the photocopying room instead of the photocopying machine on the other end of the library. Anyway, the auntie taught me how to photocopy it so that it turned out nicely. Wow, I never knew photocopying is such an art until today. I’m serious. Not sarcasm or anything but I never knew that there were so many settings to set and skills required to photocopy it nicely. :shocked: 

    I have 3 legal cases from 3 different books to photocopy. And gosh, different settings is required for different books. :shocked: Wow. Like just, wow. :shocked: Then I am like thinking, “Okay… So now I need auntie’s help again.”

    Luckily the third book is of similar size as 2nd book. I can make do with slight imperfections in photocopying… I just try my best to rush through the photocopying. Then I realised that I am late for class. Shucks. I don’t know anyone in my class for me to catch any important notes during the class. I was praying that my prof will be late for class which is what he does most of the time. True enough, he was late for class but I was even later than him. :sigh: Sigh. Well… I just rushed in and quickly sat down. Probably the first time a student being late in the class since the prof is perpetually late. Thank God no one took my favourite seat in class though.

    That didn’t end the string of unfortunate events (and hopefully with some silver lining, such as the auntie and the librarian). Apparently prof have to make some important announcements at the start of the class which he usually don’t do that. So yes, I missed it but didn’t miss too much. Then the class started and I kept thinking what did I miss. That distraction didn’t last long as today’s class was quite difficult to understand. I thought learning about the concept of obviousness in patent law is bad enough until he introduced breach of confidence and its remedies. :cry: Okay, I am confused but still tried my best to understand and pen down whatever I can think of. Somehow my classmates seems to understand and were busy typing out the notes in class. Well, I can only admire their ability while thanking myself that I am not a law major. Oh, I silently prayed to God to let me pass this module. 

    After the class, I went to ask the lady next to me about the announcement that I missed. Well, she is an auditor (i.e. she don’t have to take the exams and get graded for the module) and she mentioned that the announcement is regarding the final exam and how it will be computerised. But she was not sure and told me to ask the prof instead. After what happened with the readings, I was not very keen to ask him such admin issues… So I asked the classmate sitting in front of me and he explained about the exam and how it usually is, including my doubt on if we have enough power sockets for the exam. He mentioned that the exam will be in law school (shucks, you mean it will not be in the main campus?!) and will be at a place with sufficient power sockets for all the students. Oh gosh. Now I must pray that I can find my exam venue somehow. Law school is seriously a maze. :cry: It is probably like Stanford University where I kept losing my way. Lol. Okay, I didn’t lose my way at Stanford University since my colleague, Shaleen, has a good sense of direction and remembered where we walked past. Gahhh… My sense of direction is really… sigh.

    I guess I will deal with that worry later when I get the email on where my exam venue will be.

    Anyway, because I stayed in class later than usual since I needed to find out the details on the announcement I missed, there was a girl who approached me and talked to me. So we kind of chatted. Law students have really good memory. She remembered where I worked, my name, and that I write music. All these were mentioned in class but I didn’t expect anyone to remember… Erm. Don’t you have a lot of law readings and cases to remember? I suddenly got reminded of Samuel at that moment. Oh, he is someone interesting but often have actions that I cannot fathom but let’s just leave it as that for now? Anyway, then my new acquaintance and I started talking and she led me the another way to leave the law school to the bus stop and then pass the park before reaching the train station. Wow, I doubt I can remember my way but I hope I do…

    Anyway, she was being friendly and I was thinking of asking for her number. Who knows? Maybe I can ask help from her in future with regards to finding readings? Hahaha. The hunt for readings have been a huge headache for me every week and any help in that is greatly appreciated. Then she asked me if I have Facebook and shall we exchange Facebook contact. Well, I am not complaining since that means an exchange in contact? Any help in finding the readings will be very helpful for me in future. Haha. She has been friendly and I hope it continue. 

    So that pretty much sums up my very bad day today. It doesn’t really feel that bad now that I pondered back. Well, silver linings in the dark clouds are always pleasant to have. I probably can hashtag this post as #anotherDayInTheLifeAndTimesOfSakura. Thanks Nicholas for coming up such an epic hashtag after judging me for getting shocked over an accent for 24 hrs. :glare: This junior arh… Boooo. But now I can use it for this post. Hahaha. :smile: 


      11th March 2017, 12:16 pm

      Sounds like a rough day! It’s funny how most physical technology is the least intuitive. You should totally ask for the number of that girl with the good memory next time you see her! It’s so worth making connections not only for missing notes in a class but also in the future when you’re looking for jobs.

      12th March 2017, 1:26 am

      Gah, sounds like a rough day. We all have days like this – I hope you feel better soon! <3 We're all here supporting you!

      Maroon Caludin
      12th March 2017, 2:28 am

      Aw, Im sorry you had such an hard day! But at least you had some good things as well!

      12th March 2017, 2:51 am

      I knew there had to be specific settings in photocopying but never really learned how to do them myself because in uni we had people who man the photocopy machines and do it for us. We pay them of course haha
      Cheer up, there are better days ahead :happy: And almost always the reason bad things happen to us is because good things are coming :)
      I thought you were a law major, my bad!

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