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    December 19th 2016 , 6:45 pm
    Categories: Online life, Site Updates

    Whee! I have successfully moved to my new host at Snow Blush. It has been quite a roller coaster with several issues with the move. I got the email from Randi at Awe Inspired that hosting will end by of this month on 1 December 2016 and was frantically looking for a new host. I kind of mass apply for free hosting for days. Apparently I got an offer in 1 December but the offer email went to my junk mail until I noticed it a few days later.

    That aside, I have to reject several hosting offers since I decided to move to Quixotic (under Nicole). Then I took a few days to wait for Randi to send me the full cPanel backup file and took a day to download it and send it to Nicole. Restoring the backup took another few days and had some issues. Then Nicole wasn’t replying but from her blog, it seems that she was sick. So I thought that I might have to move to another host and contacted Ariel from Snow Blush and Flaunt Network. Fortunately, Ariel agreed to host me and helped me a lot with the move too. It took me 2 days to upload my full cPanel backup (the upload failed on my first day and only succeeded on my second day). Even uploading of the cPanel backup file had some issues too.

    Firstly, I had connection timed out issues to the new server. Then I ran out of bandwidth on the old server and have to ask Randi to increase the bandwidth limit. Then I needed SSH to see if I can transfer the backup files from my old server to the new server and requested SSH access on my old server. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get SSH access on my new server so I was not able to send the files over SSH/SCP. Then I tried to do it over PHP but had some issues. My uploading speed at my home Internet is super duper slow at 45kb/sec so it took me more than 16hrs to upload the file successfully. Yes, ViolinStar.NET has a backup file of 2.55GB and I have no idea how it grew so much…

    When I finally uploaded the backup file on the new server, Ariel helped to restore it on the new server. Fortunately it was successful as I already ran out of energy to deal with all these moving issues by now. :cry: 

    So here I am, on Snowblush servers after leaving one of my longest lasting host at Awe Inspired. I guess I will not be uploading any photos on my site (probably linking it from my Tumblr or Instagram account) so as to save space. So now I need to see where I can save space and downsize ViolinStar.NET.

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