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    July 30th 2015 , 12:08 pm
    Categories: Overseas, Travel, Work

    I’m now on the plane to Narita and it is super duper boring. However, it is a blessing in disguise as no one was sitting next to me and I got the whole row (3 seats) free for myself. Of course I converted it to my little bed and managed to sleep soundly for 1 hr before I wake up again to drink more water. Cabin air is really dry. My hands are so dry that they started to crack and since I don’t have handcream, I decided to use my day time moisturiser from Sulwhasoo on it. It is really good as my hands don’t feel that dry anymore. Perhaps I should apply some on my face later…

    This is my first business trip and also my first trip to US. It is only after I woke up from my 1 hr nap on the plane then I realised “shit got real, I am on a plane to US for work”. Lol. I know it is slow realisation. Oh well. I was super busy packing my stuff for the trip over the last few weeks and yesterday was the most tiring. Oh well… I will definitely miss my homeland. And I also hope that I don’t fall sick throughout my entire trip. Hope that my gastrics and bloated stomach don’t come back totally. :sad:

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