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    February 9th 2014 , 11:18 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life, Rants

    Honestly speaking, I don’t like it when people thinks I am very free when I am not. I don’t like it when people thinks that I am like technician or can code for free just because I have a lot of spare time. Oh gosh. I earn a living by coding and testing. Why will I code for free and let you earn money using it just because you are my friend? :pissed: Oh gosh.

    By the way, this didn’t happened to me this week. It happened a few weeks back but I was reminded of it when the same person is asking me something IT related. :glare:


      10th February 2014, 3:03 am

      Ugh, I hate that. I’m not a computer expert but sometimes I get some friends wanting me to get certain programs for free which I can do and they think I’ll just do because I have spare time when they can honestly just do it themselves. Sigh.

      12th February 2014, 7:29 am

      That sucks, people sometimes don’t realise that coding actually takes a really long time – both to do and to learn. Hopefully they’ll understand, you can’t do everything for everyone!

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