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    February 3rd 2014 , 2:12 am
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    The branch that is going to be in my blacklisted list.

    The branch that is going to be in my blacklisted list.

    Bleh. The Crystal Jade Kitchen at Suntec City has extremely poor service. I waited for more than 30 minutes for 2 bowls of noodles. When I tried to ask the waitress about my order, she just kept asking me to wait and went on to serve other customers although they didn’t ask for her help. :glare: Oh gosh. I won’t ever want to visit the branch again.

    When I was making payment, the waitress took my card and didn’t even tell me if she is processing it or not. So I just sat there with my friend and getting worried about my card till another waitress came back with my card. Oh my gosh. It is exceptionally bad service. :pissed:


      9th February 2014, 12:54 am

      Wow, what a rude service! If I have to wait for 30 minutes or so, I would leave that place and find a better restaurant to eat at. I hope you enjoyed your noodles even though the service was horrible.

      My makeup blog is It hasn’t been updated for months now though. LOL.

      Thanks for nominating me. I have answered your questions in my recent blog post.

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