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    October 30th 2022 , 7:40 pm
    Categories: New stuff, Personal life, Shopping

    Hi everyone, I’m back again haha. Recently I have been liking gemstones, particularly jade, bracelets and pendants. A couple of reasons why I started admiring jade but the key reason is for its protective purposes.

    Not sure why but I noticed an uptick in interest in jade too. Not sure if it is just me or what but 1 of my friend, Huiping, also mentioned the same.

    I think I have enough jade for protection. I am wearing not just protection but also for fashion. Somehow the white/green ones look pretty nice.

    I’m not sure how long this jade phase of my life will last but for now, I love my jade pendant from Lihong Jade the most. It’s going to be a piece that I will wear for a long time for sure since it has a 18k yellow gold hook to wear as necklace.


      1st November 2022, 7:39 pm

      I was previously not into jewelry and accessories but like you, I’ve been getting interested in them + gemstone pendants as well. I think jade bracelets and necklaces are beautiful! A lot of my friends of Chinese descent have jade necklaces and bracelets and I think they look great. I’d like to try buying one as well but I’m not sure where to start – I don’t really know how to accessorize haha!

      20th November 2022, 9:56 am

      I’m not that into jewelry either but I just think they’re pretty to look at.
      Hope you’ve doing well thought I’d say hi too

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