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    September 27th 2022 , 12:04 am
    Categories: Reviews

    I recently watched “Get Smart with Money” documentary on YouTube. It’s quite interesting and it talks about investment, how to reduce loan, how to do side hustle to increase income, reduce costs via meal prep and etc.

    1 of the key lessons that I find it quite increasing is to invest in index funds like S&P500. In addition, the 4 questions one should ask before purchasing something. I think it’s quite useful for me haha. 😀

    1. Do you need it?
    2. Do you love it?
    3. Do you like it?
    4. Do you want it?

    The first 2 questions helps you improve financial health, etc. I can’t remember the exact term but it’s like a necessary spending. The last 2 questions do not help you in financial health and you shouldn’t spend on those.

    It’s quite interesting and I highly recommend everyone to watch it. 🙂

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