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    May 16th 2022 , 1:07 pm
    Categories: Music, Personal life, Rants

    I haven’t been blogging as much as I thought I will be. Kind of like wasting money to maintain the domain and hosting though but I am not ready to give all these up.

    I saw someone I knew from a dating app many years ago. It was awkward because my ex-colleague was trying to introduce him to me (vice versa). My current colleague was with me too. It was a work conference and I registered for the free pass. It was really awkward and that guy basically left hurriedly which my colleague felt it was weird. Then I told her that I knew that guy from a dating app super long ago. Obviously we didn’t kept in contact but he seems to remember my name. Probably not how I look like since he walked towards me when my ex-colleague waved at him to come over. I guess it’s super awkward to meet someone you met in dating apps long time ago.

    Moral of the story: don’t meet someone who is in the same wider industry as you on dating apps because you will never know if both of you will cross paths again. :stressed:

    My YouTube music playlist have some old songs that were released in 2015. 2015 seems so long ago since now it’s 2022. I have definitely gained weight, gained stress and gained more savings as compared to 7 years ago. I wish I didn’t gain weight though. :sad: I have become older and changed multiple jobs.

    Back in 2015, I was still in my first job. Now I am on my fourth job. What a difference 7 years has made.

    Do I still like the songs I like back in 2015? Yes. Will I listen to them again? Probably not as much.

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