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    September 6th 2021 , 10:59 pm
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    Singapore is on track to another lockdown. I think this is the fourth lockdown if it really happens. We are encouraged to work from home and if you want to go back to office, we need to do Antigen Rapid Test (ART) weekly. We are also encouraged to reduce social gatherings to once a day and no workplace interactions from 8 Sep 2021 onwards.

    Hopefully things get better after 2 weeks with the upcoming guidelines, otherwise we will be welcoming our fourth lockdown. 🙁 Oh well. At least we can still dine in and shopping malls are not closed. Anyway, our shopping malls are not closed during a lockdown. It’s only the first lockdown that has shopping malls being forced to close.

    I’m getting a bit of backache after carrying my violin and my heavy bag to go shopping yesterday. Gone are the days where I am able to shop with heavy bags and my violin. Oh well. I need to use smaller bags to force myself to carry only what I need and not anything more. I’m becoming old after all. :sigh:


      20th September 2021, 3:08 am

      Stay safe. My state of Texas isn’t taking it seriously enough.

      20th September 2021, 10:09 am

      I am also in Texas and can agree with Michelle. It’s appalling how nonchalant some of these people are. I’m not overly strict on wearing a mask, but I also rarely go anywhere and my child is back to homeschooling. Luckily my graduate studies are also completely online, and I work in a very small office. I go to work and go home. However, I did have to venture out to the store because I forgot to place an online grocery order, and I was promptly disgusted and wanted to go home.

      I happen to also live in one of the fastest growing COVID infection numbers in the state, and well, after going to walmart this weekend I can see why.

      Here’s to hoping everything calms down for you Sakura! Hopefully your country is smarter than ours and just does what is necessary to get back to normal
      Also, it was a pleasure to visit your lovely blog!

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