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    July 24th 2021 , 4:22 pm
    Categories: Personal life, Rants

    Hello everyone! I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I should be. In fact, I hardly use my personal macbook these days. I’m usually on my iPhone and occasionally on my iPad. I also always play Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch.

    COVID-19 is still here to stay. We still can’t travel out of the country too. I see more folks shopping at luxury stores too. Like the massive queue when Chanel launched their new collection or the Factory 5 series. I am guilty of it since I started luxury shopping during the pandemic but I have since slowed down in it. Money don’t drop from the sky for me, sadly. 🙂

    Singapore has entered our third lockdown again, this time due to horny guys who visit KTVs and destroyed the rest of the nations’ plan to reopen the economy and start to travel overseas in end August. COVID-19 virus is always on a lookout for the weakest link and Singapore’s weakest link that cause third lockdown is horny guys. :angry:

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