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    December 27th 2020 , 11:12 pm
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    This Christmas is an unique one. There were no any gatherings because of COVID-19. I also haven’t met some of my friends for some time since we have a limit of 5 people for gatherings. However, this limit will be increased to 8 after 28 December 2020 as Singapore enters the Phase 3 reopening due to COVID-19.

    Because of travel restrictions, I couldn’t travel out of the country this year. Because of the bad economic situation (due to COVID-19 border closures, etc), the retail industry has taken a hit. Even the Christmas gift wrapping papers aren’t as pretty as before. The Christmas decorations are very limited as well. No more ironic big Christmas tree at Takashimaya.

    I got myself a Dior Nude Air loose powder for Christmas. I also got a new camera lens (SEL20F28) from Harvey Norman when they are selling it at a huge discount this month ($200 instead of the usual $349). I got it because it is a pancake lens and it is much lighter than most of the lenses in Sony E-Mount APS-C collection. Hopefully I will use my A6500 camera more.

    Hopefully Christmas 2021 will be better. This year, 2020, is really one of the most unique year for me so far.


      2nd January 2021, 3:05 pm

      I am right there with you, and while, I did celebrate Christmas irresponsibility, sadly, I hope everything gets back to normal or at least the world is rid of Covid.

      11th January 2021, 6:15 pm

      2002 has been a huge year. I hope that things will begin to change soon, as long as everyone’s health is the main priority.

      The new lens sounds exciting, and it’s great that there was a big discount!

      Happy new year!

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